Tech to Connect 4.0 Leaders Summit

Transforming Smart Lead through Industry 4.0

Tech to Connect 4.0 Series:

The Journey of Industry 4.0 and Future Trends


Empowering with Industrial IoT (IIoT) Seminar

Workshop 01

CLOUD: Accelerating Smart Manufacturing (I)

Workshop 02

CLOUD: Accelerating Smart Manufacturing (II)

Workshop 03

Robotic Applications: Next Level of Automation

Workshop 04

Tech between Industry 4.0 x Construction 2.0

Workshop 05

What A.I can help in Smart Manufacturing

Workshop 06

IIoT: Unlock Productivity with Connectivity

Workshop 07

In4.0: Enhancing Safety and Security

Workshop 08

Visualisation & Prediction:
The Use of Big Data

Workshop 09

Smart logistics and Supply Chain Management

Workshop 10

ESG & In4.0:
Produce Our Future