Tech to Connect Series

The Tech to Connect Series (The Series), which is a cross-year programme supported by the Innovation and Technology Fund, put a spotlight on the latest development of the cutting edged fifth Generation (5G) wireless network and Internet of Things (IoT). As the Smart City Blueprint of Hong Kong (Blueprint2.0) has been initiated in the six smart areas “Smart Mobility”, “Smart Living”, “Smart Environment”, “Smart People”, “Smart Government” and “Smart Economy”, this series takes this golden opportunity to introduce how the adoption of 5G & IoT technology will revolutionise the concept of connectivity and create a paradigm shift in the various industries by leveraging the benefits rendered by these innovative solutions.

In association with more than 40 supporting organisations, this series attempts to enhance the public awareness of the importance of the utilization of 5G and IoT technologies by organising a series of interactive events, including 12 industries-oriented technical workshops, 2 major Tech to Connect seminars and a grand conference. The series not only serves as a stimulator which to encourage the adoption of the cutting edge 5G and IoT technologies but also consider itself as a bridge between the local ICT solutions providers and the SMEs, dedicated to addressing the pain points encountered by various stakeholders across different sectors. With the spirit of solidarity, the series ultimately aims to foster a robust connection between various industries and become smarter together.